About us


MONA-BEAUTY.COM is your ultimate hub for beauty shopping online.
As a premium beauty website, we offer you the chance to pick from an array of highly selected skincare, haircare & perfumes brands at extraordinary preferential prices, delivered straight to your doorstep.

MONA-BEAUTY.COM is a unique shopping experience in the United Arab Emirates and the GCC that is accessible with a touch of a button.
What makes MONA-BEAUTY.COM so exciting is that we only feature products that we ourselves would want to buy.

At MONA-BEAUTY.COM your possibilities are beautiful!
All our products are 100% original. We are aware that any online store should be trustworthy and reliable. Feel free to check reviews on our social media to find out how many customers have trusted us.
We only work with brands that have proven their efficacy and that we know produce genuine and effective products.

A wide range of skincare, hair care, and Perfumes products are available at MONA-BEAUTY.COM to help you look and feel good.
There are many products to choose from each with a different purpose, benefit and range of ingredients that make it unique, effective and pleasant to use.

MONA-BEAUTY.COM is one of The Best online places to buy authentic and original Beauty products and Perfumes in the UAE and the GCC, for all your skincare, haircare, perfumes and beauty wishes.
From leading anti-ageing products to the most up to date and advanced skincare innovations.

MONA-BEAUTY.COM focuses on ensuring that we bring you the best online experience providing you with detailed skin and hair care information, expert advice and perfect products in one easy location.
We believe that as a woman, you should enjoy feeling beautiful, special and self-empowered.

MONA-BEAUTY.COM is owned and operated by Medlab Diagnostics Trading FZE, a Free Zone company organized under the laws of United Arab Emirates with its registered office since 2011 in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since 2011 we have established strong business relationship with the major chains of pharmacies, many salons, beauty and Perfumes shops to serve all of our customers in the UAE & the GCC.

At MONA-BEAUTY.COM we rely on science as we do on a firm belief that our role isn't to chase every beauty trend but to improve your life. Our combined years of experience in pharmacy and retail allow us to provide the best solutions for your specific case. You can always trust us to recommend the best solution for you.

At MONA-BEAUTY.COM you can find a range of effective and results driven formulas that deliver on their promise, are complemented by innovations in cosmetic science to enhance your natural beauty.
We want to empower you to feel and look beautiful, safely, by providing you with a healthier choice for your skin and hair, with a lot of passion for safe hair color and fashionable trends.
Let us assist in capturing your beautiful essence without harsh chemicals that may damage your hair or skin.
Get your fix from the comfort of home, whether you're in search of luxe or bargain beauty.